Lounge to Boardroom

I have had the honour of being nominated to appear in this book about successful women in business in South Australia. Below is a link to our first media release with the book expected to be available mid December. Lounge to Boardroom is a book that is the vision of Ashley Knoote-Park, a woman who is an expert in personal branding and media and wrote the book “Brand It Purple” a book about how to be a purple poppy in a field of red.

What was the criteria to be selected for this book? “To be eligible for participation in Lounge to Boardroom, we are really looking for women who are ‘change champions’. Those are ladies who have made an impact for the better either in the business they are in, their community, or their environment. In order to be eligible you need to be an inspiration to other women and people around you.You don’t need to be making squillions, but you do need to be profitable. You don’t need to have staff, but you do need to demonstrate your role in any of the criteria. You can also be in not for profit and demonstrate your impact on the community.”

I was nominated for my work with teenagers and young children, which was a very humbling thing for me as my volunteer work is my way to give back. I love the work I do as a mentor and coach to teenagers through The Community Mentoring Group and my own business The Dream Initiative.

A little fact about this book and the 55 ladies featured in it is this; only 5% of women nominated themselves for this. As women and even as men where else in our lives do we sit back and deflect the praise we deserve for our efforts as something that was nothing. I say stand up and celebrate all you give and bring to the people and community around you and be all that you can be.

Over the next two years the book will be focusing on the rest of the states, with Victoria forst cab off the rank; so ladies if you or anyone you know is a candidate for the Lounge to Boardroom books; watch this space for how to nominate. The first edition of this book is available to pre-order at www.presales.loungetoboardroom.com