About Us

Trudi Pavlovsky – Founder & Head Trainer

Coming from difficult teenage years of her own, Trudi founded the Dream Initiative to provide kids with the tools she so desperately needed in her teenage years. She has a keen intuition and skill of knowing exactly what the kids of today need to hear to become engaged towards creating a successful future. Trudi holds certifications as a Master Practitioner of NLP, NLP Trainer, Performance Coach, Certificate 4 in coaching and is an accomplished professional presenter with an entertaining and inspiring style. Having been trained and mentored by world experts such as Clinton Swaine, Chris Howard and Benjamin J Harvey. Her conversational style and storytelling is highly engaging and enticing.  It is designed to propel your teen into a compelling future.


Ben Lewis – Trainer & Games Designer

Ben’s mother is a full time teacher in a Public Secondary School and his father is a Principal at a School for kids with disabilities. This has given Ben an innate understand of the challenges teachers and students face in the school system. He understands the culture. Ben’s calm, patient and questioning style helps your child push their own boundaries and take on learning as their own.