Rorion Gracie; Showing vs Telling

Most teachers or educators know that not every student or work colleague or child will best respond to a vocal instruction on how to do something.  Why is it, that most people teach in this way, and when the student gets confused, we give them more verbal instruction?

Imagine if there was a way to teach where you could actually show them how to do it.  To let them to do it and they can’t stuff it up no matter how bad the student is.  To enable them to trust that when they work with YOU, things always work out well.

Take the time to watch this funny & powerful video to find out how the world renowned Gracie brothers use this one-on-one technique to ensure their students learn and retain, every single time.

So when someone in our world doesn’t get it, think of this clip and ask yourself is there another way to show them, to enable the student to get it done no matter what their skill level.  A way for them to experience it done right and have a learning experience where “no matter what they do, it just works out”.

As you know The Dream Initiative is committed to supporting the education of young people and we recently released a free training for educators called Freedom of Teach here in SA. Due to popular demand we opened a second date up for bookings and we look forward to sharing the results with you in our next newsletter.

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Trudi and Ben