Teen Access Pass

Learning takes time.  It’s common sense.  This is why we created the Teen Access Pass.  We know that learning takes time, and that it unfolds with layers as kids grow and develop.

The Teen Access Pass is designed to cater to this.  Students on the Teen Access Pass gain access to our live events, online events, coaching and mentoring services.  They can repeat courses as many times as they like, get coaching and support during tough times.

The Teen Access Pass provides access to coaching, mentoring, training courses and online videos for your teenager up to the age of 18, or when they finish year 12.  In short, you get access to every course we create, whether it is live, online or webinar.

Currently the Teen Access Pass contains 9 core live courses.

  • The Gathering – Foundations Course
  • Health Mastery – Learn about health, fitness and food.  How to eat well, create meals and keep fit.
  • Money Unleashed – How Money Works.  No a credit card is not free money.
  • Destination Success – How to set goals and achieve them.
  • Genius Unleashed – Study skills, memory techniques and other tools to improve learning.
  • Mind Mastery – Learn tools for overcoming fear, harnessing motivation and focus.
  • Creativity Unleashed – How to be spontaneous, free & creative.  Both intellectually and physically.
  • Voice Unleashed – Learn how to communicate easily and effortlessly with groups.  Speaking on stage, without notes and training others.
  • Leadership Unleashed – Learn how to lead groups of people.  Learn to lead different people in different ways.
  • World Leader – Explore the world we live in and be able to make purposeful decisions in the future.  Looking at current affairs and political understanding.

Courses are run based on the needs of our current students.  We run at least one course every school holidays.

The Teen Access Pass is your child’s ticket to all of these services.  It will give your child the skills they need to thrive in the real world.  It will give you the peace of mind to sleep well at night knowing that when the challenges arise you’ve got someone on your team.

From a Parent’s perspective, the Teen Access Pass provides you with the confidence knowing that you have someone to nurture, guide and support your child and back you up when they don’t want to listen to you.

Let’s face it, we know that time will come where they don’t want to share things with you.  With the Teen Access Pass, we will be there to encourage, support and guide them through this complex and often hostile world.

Access to the Teen Access Pass is strictly by consultation and interview only.  To discuss with our team register for a free strategy session to discuss your needs and suitability.