The Gathering

Course Outline

The Gathering is an Experiential games based course.  Students don’t just get “taught” concepts and lessons, they play highly immersive games to experience the lessons.  These games are designed by The Dream Initiative and are not available anywhere else in the world.

The games are imperative so that students can see what it is like to not follow the lessons & fail.  To see what it is like to follow the lessons and succeed.  So they see for themselves why the lessons work.  So they can learn to make mistakes and learn from them.


TG - Process

Day 1: Smart Decision Making

Learning to be Flexible

In life things don’t always go our way.  Hanging on to wanting to do things a certain way, or to have a certain outcome is more often than not much more challenging and stressful than just going with the flow.

Risk Vs Reward

How to understand the risk involved in making a decision vs the rewards of the same decision.  How do our choices change under pressure, or with peers around.  Students learn the consequences of taking more risky decisions around peers, or when under pressure & emotional.

Considering Others

Everyone says they consider how others feel when they are making decisions, but do they really?  Students learn how just having a joke, or playing along with friends can be devastating to others.

Day 1 Games: 

Big Top Choices, Future Foundations, Mission: Farus

Day 2: Courage

Overcoming Ourselves

Quite often, we are our own worst enemy.  We quite often see ourselves in a worse light than is actually true.  Students learn how to identify this, and take control of it so that we see ourselves as strong, powerful and capable of anything.
Overcoming Challenges
As we grow up, life throws us challenges.  Students learn to identify the challenge and discover ways to overcome it.
Developing Self Belief
Fear, Shyness, Self Doubt and their friends can all get in the way of achieving what we want to achieve in life.  Students learn how to battle these demons and defeat them once and for all.
Day 2 Games:
Pure Magic

Day 3: Working with others

Teamwork, Communication & Leadership

Day 3 is dedicated to developing teamwork, communication & leadership skills.  These skills are critical in real life, and often are the difference between the good and the great.  These skills are complex and hard to master & require actually doing the skill to learn it.  We create an environment so your kids can test out different ways to work as a team, communicate with each other and test out leadership skills they didn’t even know they had inside them.
Day 3 Games:
Deal Estate, Pedal to the Metal


Here’s what some of the attendee’s said when asked “What would you say to other kids thinking about coming to The Gathering?”
I think that I would say that they would really like it and they will want to stay longer just like me
Tiana age 12
I would say that it is a very fun thing to do during the holidays
Tomas age 11
I would tell them to come to the most awesome course of all
Aleece age 12
Go to The Gathering
Liam age10
I think that you have developed a sensational course which well and truly over delivers in terms of value
Anne  – Parent


Q: What age students do you work with?

A:  Typically we work with 12-16 year olds, however these games will work for students from 7-18.  If your child is outside the 12-16 range, please contact us ( and we will be able to advise if this program is right for your child.

Q: Where is the event held?

A: It held in Adelaide.  As you can understand, the security of your child is very important to us.  Venue details are only released to parents upon registration for the course.

Q: Adelaide? When will you run one in <insert my city name here>?

A: This style of training doesn’t go on the road easily.  We have trunks and trunks of gear just to run a single 3 day course.  What we do is a little bit more involved than a laptop and a powerpoint presentation.  You can imagine taking all this on flights is costly and takes us away from getting students actually in our events.  Plus, we’ve always wanted to keep the costs of our courses to be as low as possible – that’s why we’re based in Adelaide.  We’re unlikely to run courses in other states in the near future.

In all seriousness though, sometimes you just have to travel to get the best education, and to get your needs met.  We travel around Australia 30-60 days a year to get the best education (which in turn improves our courses).  We’re incredibly appreciative and damn lucky that our global mentors even run events in Australia.  If you have to travel to come to our course – do it.  It will be worth it.

Q: What are the dates for the event?

A: Contact Us For Event Dates.

Q: How much is it?

A: $980 per child with additional siblings prices at $480 per family member.

Q: Do parents need to attend?

A: No, however parents will need to drop their children off and pick them up at the end of each day.

Q: Can parents attend if they want to?

A: Due to the style of this course, we do not allow parents to attend. This is so they can experience the training on their own and without the influence / watchful eyes of their parents.  If you have concerns around your child being in the course by themselves, please contact us: or 08 8266 7965

Q: Do your trainers and crew have working with children checks etc?

A: Absolutely.  All of our trainers have working with children checks as well as have completed mandatory reporting training.  Our crew have also had working with children checks, and in addition to this, our crew are people that we have known personally for many years.  We screen our crew thoroughly to ensure the safety of our students.

Q: My child is shy, has low self esteem, low confidence, ADHD, etc etc etc

A: This course is PERFECT for your child.  We have worked with kids with autism, ADHD, deafness and they can all thrive in this games environment.  If you have concerns or special needs, please contact us:

Q: What should I tell my son or daughter about the course?

A: Tell them they are going to a 3 day course to help them in the areas you want them to develop.  Tell them it is because you love them and want the best for them.  It is not because they are broken, anxious or <insert problem here>(even if they are).  Tell them it will be fun and all they have to do is show up and give everything a go.

You can also show them this video:

Q: How can I contact  you?

A: You can either call us: 08 8266 7965 or email us:  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.